Friday, August 17, 2012

Atari joystick for your PC or Mac

Get back to where you once belonged.

You know it ain't right; trying to play Defender with one of those new-fangled things they call a "game pad." Scooping up humanoids requires only a stick and a button, and does not benefit from "dual shock" or 19 differently-shaped buttons spread out over every rounded surface. You only have 17 fingers so they just get in the way anyway.

Boost your coolness quotient with a life-like working model of the Classic Atari Joystick with USB »

Not authentic enough?

If you're one of the chosen few who still has a working Atari joystick, protected from the elements by a thin layer of sebum from your adolescent years, give it new life. First, fetch it from your parents basement, then plug it in with a Stelladapter interface, set the stick in the groove between your thumb and index finger and get your callus on »


  1. I've got the USB 2600 stick, but I've been waiting for the Stelladaptor to go back on sale, it was unavailable for a while.