Monday, June 1, 2015

The crap in your husband's man cave might be worth something

Dear Retrogeeker wives,

When your hubby finally kicks it, and you're just dying to get rid of all that crap he's accumulated, have someone in the know, perhaps his best surviving friend, evaluate the junk before you haul it off to goodwill.

Read: Apple I discarded as junk sells for $200,000; mystery woman stands to get half

Rare Apple 1 donated in a junk box

Love,  Kato

PS - I know this post is sexist or something for addressing retrogeeker wives without including husbands of female retrogeekers, same-sex marriage. Please just assume everyone is included.

PPS - for more on the early days of Apple and the Apple 1, don't miss this retelling by the founders themselves. It'll have you singing:

Apple II forever. Bringing the rainbow to you. 

Had enough? No? Well then, here the full Apple ][ Forever extended mix, culled from the IIc launch event.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The true story of the videogame craze – according to channel 7 news

Next time your mom picks you and your friends up from the mall after a 4-player Gauntlet marathon, she will inevitably ask "What are these videogames all about?" No longer must you strain your brain translating this cultural phenomenon to mom-speak; channel 7 in Los Angeles has got you covered with a complete primer for adults. KABC 7 reports on the true story of arcade games from the perspective of game manufacturers, the industry's existence validated by its massive intake of coinage.

Lest you think this series is unbalanced, it also provides hard-hitting investigation of arcade dangers - both the potential for physical injury as well as psychological addiction. Join Tawny Little and Jack Mittle on a truly bizarre exploration of the 80's generation's favorite past time.

Join Tawny Little and Jack Mittle on a truly bizarre exploration of the 80's generation's favorite past time.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 1985 Everybody!

2015? Who needs it? 2014 was all military invasions, plane crashes and beating your wife in elevators, what makes you think next year will be any better? Yeah, that's what I thought. Instead, let's celebrate the closing out of a way more excellent year, 1984, with superstars Lily Tomlin and Chaka Khan! And if you don't know who those people are, go back to Reddit or and ask someone. Word up!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Betamaxmas: Updated for Mobile

Is it real, or is it Betamaxmas?
It's that time of the year once again and as always, the Retrogeeker likes to turn to his favorite Holiday-themed site and bask in the warm glow of yesteryear's CRTs and cheap Korean animation whilst waiting for the pop-corn machine to warm up. Yes that's right, it's time for, the site that let's you slip back onto that basement couch parked in front of a 4:3 TV and watch all of your favorite 80s Christmas shows and more! Of course, even Retrogeeker's can't live in the past forever (although we do try) and thus, the mysterious web coder, known only to me as Jeffery, has overhauled the entire site to comply with today's modern mobile web standards so that you no longer have to remain tethered to your desktop or laptop in order to enjoy a slice of 80s cheese. That's right, is now 100% Flash-free and mobile-friendly. So fire up your iPad or Galaxy Tab, squeeze into your favorite pair of Underoos and enjoy some Christmas cheer while sitting on the toilet.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The future is retro

♫ Make new friends, but keep the old, one is retro and the other's not ♫
One thing I've noticed about the my most fiendish Retrogeeker friends, they're some of the most cutting-edge mofos I know. If the idea of a retro computing nut makes you think of that dad–the one who spent countless evenings typing in basic programs from magazines on his C-64, to store on C-90 compact cassettes–but then stopped using computers altogether by 1986–think again; this ain't your grandfather's retro. Every true retrophile I know today is also a true technophile. (Which I guess makes them/us retro-techno-philes?)

Examples are all around me, incidentally with dudes who've been my friend for 20 - 30 years:

  • Mark, the guy who runs is already running iOS9 on an iPhone 7 (impossible, right?) but he also has a basement full of Performas and 8-bit Atari computers that he still puts to good use.

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  • My friend KevinO is the first person in the known universe to start geocaching, yet when asked about the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, said, "I got an Apple Watch btw. No big whoop."

  • I use my quad-core i7 Mavericks machine to automate the most menial tasks, recognize my voice commands over the telephone, and flip on and off light switches in Bangkok. Yet few would believe that I sent my first e-mail in the summer of '81, coded my first webpage in 1993, and was the first person to register back when domains could be registered at no cost. And yet, my latest purchase was a dusty old Pong machine - a chip-for-chip clone of Atari's 1972 coin-op hit released by Allied Leisure in March of 1973 called "Paddle Battle."

I've been reflecting on stuff like this a lot lately, and today stumbled upon this essay reflecting on our brief tech history and how it intersects with our humanity. Highly-recommended 23-minute read: