Monday, April 29, 2013

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

A few years ago you may remember a little thing called the Star Wars Uncut project, which brought together amateur film makers from all over the world in an attempt to re-make the classic 1977 screen gem in little bits and pieces. After having chopped up the film into 15 second segments, fans were then invited by the producers to claim a piece and recreate it in anyway imaginable. Some folks used action figures, some acted the parts out in costume, some used crude animations. Once the 473 individual videos had been collected, the producers spliced together the various parts, added sound effects and music and the rest is history (you can watch the watch the entire film at the end of this post). Now, some two years after the successful premiere of Episode IV (or "Star Wars" as those of us over the age of 30 like to call it), the same group responsible has put out the call for their next project: The Empire Strikes Back (or "Episode V" for non-retros). You can head on over to to claim your scene and test your hand at low-budget movie-making, but you'd better hurry as there are just a few scenes left to choose from, and while your submission make it, its inclusion in the final film is not guaranteed since a number of applicants will be allowed to take a stab at any one scene. May the farce be with you.



Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Recent interviews with Joseph Kosinski, director of the 2010 Tron sequel, Tron: Legacy, have shed a bit more light on a possible third film in the classic Disney sci-fi adventure series. Click the links for more details:


Movie Trailer "The Tron Lebowski" by indymogul

Friday, April 19, 2013

8-Bit Tattoo Roundup

Here's the latest roundup of 8-Bit tattoos from the web. I'm kind of saddened that I didn't even find one pixelated butterfly on an ankle or lo-res dolphin jumping over a belly button. Click the pics for a bigger view.

80s Games in Your Browser

Got the urge to kill some time on a Friday afternoon with some retro-bit-blasting but your IT guy keeps giving you dirty looks whenever you try to install games on your work PC? Well head on over to 80s Top Games and revisit your favorite gems from the 1980s right in your online net browser. Not only does 80s Top Games feature the classics you fondly remember from Nintendo, Sega and Atari, but if you grew up in England (or elsewhere) you'll be pleased to know that they also feature those odd-ball systems most Americans have never and will never recognize, like the Amtsrad, Spectrum and the "big in Japan" MSX, Microsoft's first attempt at a unified PC platform. And just like everything on the web should be, 80s Top Games is 100% free, although donations are welcome.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

iSteve: the first Steve Jobs Movie

Even though Hollywood bigshots like Ashton Kutcher and Aaron Sorkin figuratively falling over themselves to bring the Steve Jobs story to the silver screen, Funny or Die has taken their own 78 minute stab at it and having done so, now relish in the fact that they've done it first. Starring the fat guy from Lost and that snotty hipster from those "I'm a Mac" commercials, iSteve is a worthy watch for both its hilarious (and intentional) inaccuracies and its firstness. But you don't have take my word for it...CLICK HERE TO WATCH JUSTIN LONG AND JORGE GARCIA IN iSTEVE