Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Return of The Talking Head

Remember a few years ago when we were all facing the big digital TV switch and 480i was fast becoming a dirty word? Hell, it was like Y2K all over again with people freaking out at max capacity over that fact that they might not be able to watch The Black Donnellys if they didn't get the right upgrade at the right time. Of course the government shepherded the whole thing along to massive success and not one episode of the Surreal Life went unwatched; and they did so with good reason, as the powers that be we're likely keen to keep the national opiate flowing at full throttle in order to help curb any potential insurgence from the natives. Now while all of this was going on, our Brit pals across the pond were in the midst of a simliar HDTV switchover, and in order to help facilitate public awareness of the event resurrected an old television personality to serve as their spokesperson. In the U.S. we know him primarily from his obnoxious yet oddly compelling New Coke commercials, while the more savvy geeks will recognize him from his eponymous cyberpunk TV show, but however he appeared on-screen, Max Headroom was a force to be reckoned with and he most definitely reveled in his time as the supreme talking head. Check out the video below to see BBC Channel 4's advert featuring the now quite aged king of the CRT. Rule Britannia!

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  1. Sometimes I swear Jim Carrey got his delivery style from Max Headroom.