Thursday, July 19, 2012

Climb aboard the nutmeg of consolation

Retrogeeks rejoice, Thomas Dolby released his first studio album in 20 years. The soundtrack of 80's geek culture would be incomplete without the hits of Thomas Dolby, who brought his mad-scientist persona to the Mtv airwaves seemingly always surrounded by measurement equipment, "tubes and wires," and other arcane gadgetry. [See the Europa and Pirate Twins video for a prime example.]

Well he's back. Recording in a lifeboat, powered by renewable energy. Take this video tour of his personal studio where he talks vintage boat refurbishing, recording his new album with a Mac PowerPC G5, and why he prefers ProTools to Logic. Dolby fans: full-screen it, and be sure to watch all three parts.

It seems fitting that the man who sang Windpower in 1983, now powers his home studio with, well, windpower.

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