Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bluetooth Boom Box

Hey kids! Now you can wang your chung in a totally rad way with the Lasonic i931bt Retro Ghetto Blaster (now referred to on some sites as the i931bt High Performance Portable Music System). You might remember Lasonic as a popular manufacturer of cassette-based boom boxes in the late 80s/early 90s so this stereo's pedigree is retro-legit, but unlike its vintage siblings, the i931bt can blast beats from a variety of modern sources. Here's a partial feature list:

• USB Port and SD/MMC Slot for MP3 Playback
• Bluetooth Connectivity to any Bluetooth Enabled Phone or Tablet
• AM/FM/RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System)
• Real Time Clock with Full Alarm Functions
• 15 Watts x 2
• EQ
• Remote Control

One nice little touch is the authentic slathering of bright, angular 90s graphics on the product's casing which mean absolutely nothing but make it look very important and exciting. The list price is $349 but you can pick it up for much less over here and probably even cheaper if you use this.

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