Friday, October 18, 2013

Mad Ducketts: Stadium Events for NES

Worth more than you.
Here it is, the extremely rare NTSC version of Bandai's Stadium Events NES cartridge complete in box and worth a fortune sitting right there on eBay for a whopping $75,000 (or "best offer" lol, yeah how about a trade for my old Xbox? A whole game system for one measly cart, that's totally fair!). For those of you not in the know, Bandai's Stadium Events was a game released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and one of only two officially licensed North American games to support the use of the Family Fun Fitness accessory, later purchased by Nintendo and reintroduced as the PowerPad. The rarity of this game stems from the fact that very few units were produced to begin with (something like 2,000) and those that made it out to the public (around 200 or so) were only sold during the 1987 holiday season and only at a few select retailers. Thus, Bandai's Stadium Events has earned the distinction of being the rarest licensed Nintendo cartridge available for purchase in North America with only about 20 complete copies verified to exist, two of which are actually still sealed. Don't have $75,000 to drop on the game right now? No worries, the NES Rarity Guide sets the max value of the game at $38,000 so you might try and lowball the seller. Good luck!

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