Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ye Olde Candies

Sorry we haven't had too many posts lately but my SyQuest drive crashed last week and all of my WordPerfect blog templates were lost. I'll have to fire up my phone list in Lotus 1-2-3 and lookup the support number for my Packard-Bell because I think the problem was caused by a faulty parallel port. Man, I should have stuck with that SCSI Zip drive instead. But until I get all that sorted out, look at this: RETRO CANDY! Yes chubby 40 year-olds everywhere can rejoice because you can now get all of your favorite sugar bombs from days gone past on one awesome website! Well not actually from days gone past. For example, a surviving Marathon bar would nigh be inedible at this point seeing as they were discontinued in 1981, but Old Time Candy sells the same product on their site, although it's actually shipped in from merry ol' England, where they still exist as the Curly Wurly. Other hard-to-find favorites featured on the site include Big League Chew, Flipsticks and those nasty little button candies that you could never get off of that damned strip of paper but you ate them anyway.


Bonus Video: 1975 Marathon Candy Bar Commercial

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