Wednesday, October 24, 2012

William & Theodore's Rather Tepid Outing

Over the past couple of years there's been talk here and there on the cyberweb regarding a potential second sequel to the film that introduced the world to those goofy 80s zonk-heads, William S. Preston Esquire & Ted "Theodore" Logan, of the band that was meant to save humanity from itself, Wyld Stallyns! (I believe that the exclamation point is actually part of their name). So with Keanu "I know Kung-Fu" Reeves spouting his ridiculously wishful director's choices off to the press, including such heavyweights as Scorcese and Coppola, while making vague statements suggesting that the lukewarmly-anticipated threequel is already in the can (and I mean film can, not toilet) one has to wonder what Alex Winter, the other half of the questionably-talented but totally loveable dumbass duo has to say about it. Well after nearly two years of dead silence about the project from everyone who could possibly be involved, Alex has let it slip to the mass media that the script is complete, Dean Parisot, of Galaxy Quest fame, is attached to direct and both he and Reeves are on board to help propel the next chapter of the franchise forward. I just hope it's better than that godawful after-school cartoon or the even-more-painfully-bad live action TV show that the networks tried to sneak past us. Who knows, since Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the writers of the original film, are involved it may actually be a nostalgically fun flick.

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