Monday, April 28, 2014

The Terminator - How It Should End

"I'll be governor!"
Everyone loved the Terminator movies, right? But that franchise's glory days were pretty much over once director James Cameron's involvement with the series came to an end. And while his action-packed, pseudo-sci-fiction "duology" pretty much stood on its own with the first two films, Hollywood as usual, got its evil mitts on the property and began to spawn terrible sequels and ho-hum TV shows and really just a bunch of un-necessary stuff that no one needed to see.

So leave it to the geniuses at "How It Should Have Ended" to come up with a final story to permanently close the series' final plot-loop-hole* and terminate the franchise forever. And how does one achieve this? Why, go back in time and kill the man who invented time-travel, of course! Enjoy the video!

*Patent-pending on that word.

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