Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ultimate 46 Inch Arcade Machine

Building home arcade cabinets has been an underground phenomenon for quite a few years now. There so much information about it on the net that with just a little plywood, an old PC and some open-source software, you too can construct your very own arcade machine that let's you play your all-time favorite video games in the comfort of your own home - yup, even Golden Tee! While many folks choose to go with the standard upright, bar-top or cocktail table designs, some truly dedicated geeks proudly exclaim "not enough!" and set their sights on a much loftier level of awesome when designing their own machines. And folks, I think I found our top contender so far. Check out the custom options on this massive, 4-player, all-inclusive 46" LED display arcade monstrosity up for sale on eBay!

• 46 inch LED HD display
• Full Body side art, front kick panel art and LED illuminated custom marquee art (configurable at purchase, you don't have to have Rocky on there)
• Powered by a Dell XPS 8500 with i7 CPU at 3.9GHZ, 8 GB RAM, 2TB HD, 1GB Video card
• Special Flight stick with an original authentic Blue Tron handle
• Discs Of Tron Push/Pull Spinner
• High power 46W PC speaker system w/subwoofer
• Dual top fire joysticks per player
• RGB Buttons - All buttons can have thousands of custom colors
• RGB joystick handles - Can have thousands of custom colors
• RGB Trackball - Can have thousands of custom colors
• Regular spinner control
• 6" Diecast Metal Racing Steering Wheel
• Special Custom Formica covered curved Control Panel base! (The only base like this in the world!)
• Dual wired light guns for arcade gun games
• 2 X-Box 360 wireless game pads coupled with special software that will give you the capability to play the newer home console games.

...and it plays around 30,000 games (but you have to find and install them yourself). Want it? Just cough up $7,995 and it's yours!


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