Sunday, May 19, 2013

Broderbund's "Karateka" comes to iOS and Android

Karateka! How many teenaged hours did my friends and I spend huddled around my Apple II trying to beat this addictive but maddening game? "Not enough!" I say. A few months ago, when the iOS AppStore introduced a contemporarily-styled remake of this classic early side-scroller I was, to say the least, not amused. I didn't even bother to play more than a few minutes of it since all of the charm of the original had been replaced with a slick new cell-shaded graphics, pristine hifi sound and a modern 3D game engine (shudder). Well whoever fixes these sorts of errors in the universe has just earned their place in heaven by making sure that a proper port of Broderbund's ground-breaking 1984 game would eventually make it to both the iOS and Android platforms. Karateka Classic is now available for both at their respective stores for only 99 cents:

For those of you who don't already know, Karateka was a revolutionary, for its time, side-scrolling punch-up game that arguably kick-started the entire genre of games that led to Kung Fu Master, Double Dragon, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat all the way up to modern games like the Tekken and Marvel  Vs. Capcom series. Jordan Mechner, the original designer of Karateka later went on to break even more boundaries in the genre by developing the first Prince of Persia game, which eventually went on to become a huge franchise, even spawning a recent feature film. Go get your copy now and relive a true 8-bit experience while sitting on the toilet.




  1. That was a no-brainer purchase. Thanks.

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