Friday, April 19, 2013

80s Games in Your Browser

Got the urge to kill some time on a Friday afternoon with some retro-bit-blasting but your IT guy keeps giving you dirty looks whenever you try to install games on your work PC? Well head on over to 80s Top Games and revisit your favorite gems from the 1980s right in your online net browser. Not only does 80s Top Games feature the classics you fondly remember from Nintendo, Sega and Atari, but if you grew up in England (or elsewhere) you'll be pleased to know that they also feature those odd-ball systems most Americans have never and will never recognize, like the Amtsrad, Spectrum and the "big in Japan" MSX, Microsoft's first attempt at a unified PC platform. And just like everything on the web should be, 80s Top Games is 100% free, although donations are welcome.

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