Monday, June 1, 2015

The crap in your husband's man cave might be worth something

Dear Retrogeeker wives,

When your hubby finally kicks it, and you're just dying to get rid of all that crap he's accumulated, have someone in the know, perhaps his best surviving friend, evaluate the junk before you haul it off to goodwill.

Read: Apple I discarded as junk sells for $200,000; mystery woman stands to get half

Rare Apple 1 donated in a junk box

Love,  Kato

PS - I know this post is sexist or something for addressing retrogeeker wives without including husbands of female retrogeekers, same-sex marriage. Please just assume everyone is included.

PPS - for more on the early days of Apple and the Apple 1, don't miss this retelling by the founders themselves. It'll have you singing:

Apple II forever. Bringing the rainbow to you. 

Had enough? No? Well then, here the full Apple ][ Forever extended mix, culled from the IIc launch event.

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