Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Roxbury Geeks

Officially sanctioned display of levity and whimsy.
Remember those endlessly-recurring "Roxbury Brothers" sketches that used to plague that once great showbiz behemoth called Saturday Night Live?  The now infamous sketches were created by super-duper-movie-star Will Ferrell and creepy-as-shit comedian Chris Kattan and were passably funny at first, and then they got less funny, and then they got way, way less funny and kind of predictable, at which point they thought it would be a good idea to make a movie. Well, here's a short Microsoft spoof from that era featuring none other than top dogs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer standing in for the regular SNL duo. Apparently this is what Microsoftees did to let off steam and express their wacky and creative sides at conferences back in the late 90s. Sadly, due to a total lack of YouTube, little retro video gems like this one never really got a chance to go viral back when they first appeared. However thanks to some bitchin' software technologies like RealVideo, they did manage to cause a bit of a rash and some light itching. Enjoy!


Roxbury guys (What is Love?) [HQ] from Viktoras Štanga on Vimeo.

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